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Bold CEOs Bootcamp

Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Agents, Advisors, Networkers, and Self-Employed

Most business owners are pumped full of excitement when they launch out on their own, innovate or improve a new idea, and get to work on their own dream vs. someone else's.  However, most small businesses never truly become businesses, but instead, fall into a rut known as Self-Employment.  When we open a "Business" we are deciding to participate in the profits (and, often losses) instead of being an "Employee" where the business owner takes the risk and earns the reward. 

However, it's typically not very long after that we figure out that there is a lot more to this business thing than meets the eye.  We end up being the HR, sales, marketing, maintenance, customer service, and accounting department, just to name a few.  We have the worst boss that expects us to work all of the time and all the stress that goes with it.  At the end of the day, we have little time left to focus on why we started the business in the first place often relentlessly sacrificing the quality of life and the very freedom we set out to create.

Others fall prey to the litany of legal, accounting, HR, and growth issues that pop up out of nowhere, though most of these issues can be prevented had you known they were coming or knew how to structure and plan accordingly.  And, when monumental challenges arise, which they will, most aren't prepared, which often results in business failure and massive stress.

Bold CEOs | Boot camp is for any business which wants to make sure the basic building blocks, mindsets, systems, and processes are in place to illuminate the blindspots, dark corners, and eliminate surprises to provide optimal conditions for the business to grow.  Ultimately, your business will create an income, lifestyle, and freedom you likely sought out in the first place.  If you've already started your business, you'll double-check everything, plot out a better course, and finally, have a shot at massive business success.

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Requirements:  Bold CEOs | Bootcamp isn't for everyone and has qualification requirements including being coachable, attendance, and doing the work.  Sales Volume, number of employees, and brick and mortar are not required to participate.  Future business builders, independent contractors, professionals, agents, advisors, franchisees, and network marketers are welcome provided they are attempting to grow a business.

Participation requires commitment, confidentiality (including signed Non-disclosure agreements), and a willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas. Members will support each other with honesty, respect, and accountability. Members' names, business names, and any conversations are kept strictly confidential.  We are catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues.

Job or Business?

The Self-Employed Trap



W-2 wage earners who exchanges time for money and have little control and little risk.  Superiors make majority, if not all, of the decisions like when to work and what to do while working.


Self-Employed Persons

Typically still exchanges more time for less money, has more control, and much more risk.  Often feels like the business owns them and may not take many vacations.  Customers typically dictate what is done and when, though the self-employed have significant input.  If they don't work, they don't get paid and the practice typically isn't passed from generation to generation.

Business Owners

Business owners are no longer exchanging time for money and have freedom to earn while not present.  Business owners have the most control and all of the risk.  Relies on W-2 Employees and contractors to do the majority of the work.  Business owners own a separate business entity, and can leave a legacy, create generational wealth, and have a greater impact.


Self-Employed / Business Owner Gap

The largest gap and misunderstanding in business is the great divide between being self-employed and being a business owner.

Bold CEOs Boot Camp Curriculum

The curriculum will include a comprehensive program from startup to scalable inclusive of topics like:

  • Self Employment Trap and Business Building Blocks
  • Plans, processes, and strategy
  • Cash & financial stewardship
  • Product Market fit and viability
  • Sales and marketing systems
  • Leadership

Bold CEOs

Your Bold CEO Mastermind group is like having an objective board of directors, a strong C-Suite team, and a peer advisory group all rolled into one. This is not a networking group. Masterminds are about members helping one other grow their businesses and management skills through ideas and accountability.

For as Little as $100.00 per Month

August 2021
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