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Most business owners are pumped full of excitement when they launch out on their own, innovate or improve a new idea, and get to work on their own dream vs. someone else's.  However, most small businesses never truly become businesses, but instead fall into a rut known as Self-Employment.  When we open a "Business" we are deciding to participate in the profits (and, often losses) instead of being an "Employee" where the business owner takes the risk and earns the reward. 

However, it's typically not very long after that we figure out that there is a lot more to this business thing than meets the eye.  We end up being the HR, sales, marketing, maintenance, customer service, and accounting department, just to name a few.  We have the worst boss that expects us to work all of the time and all the stress that goes with it.  At the end of the day, we have little time left to focus on why we started the business in the first place often relentlessly sacrificing quality of life and the very freedom we set out to create. 

Bold CEOs is a Mastermind group for business owners, which offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. Your Mastermind group helps you and other group members achieve success through challenging each other to set powerful goals, adding group accountability and more importantly, encouragement to accomplish them.

Through a Mastermind group process, you create a goal, then establish a plan to achieve it. The group helps you with creative ideas and wise decision-making. Then, as you begin to implement your plan, you bring both success stories and problems to the group. Success stories are celebrated and problems are solved through peer brainstorming and collective, creative thinking.

Requirements:  A Bold CEOs membership certainly isn't for everyone and has qualification requirements including being poised for aggressive growth and vetted by the C-Suite Advisory Board.  Memberships are available for established, start-ups, for-profit and nonprofit businesses.  Sales Volume, number of employees, and brick and mortar are not required to participate, yet will be considered for admittance.  All members must be invited to participate and accepted by a majority vote of the existing members.

Participation requires commitment, confidentiality (including signed Non-disclosure agreements), and a willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas. Members will support each other with honesty, respect, and accountability. Members' names, business names, and any conversations are kept strictly confidential.  We are catalysts for growth, devil’s advocates and supportive colleagues. This is the essence and value of Mastermind groups.

Your Bold CEO Mastermind group is like having an objective board of directors, a strong C-Suite team, and a peer advisory group all rolled into one.  This is not a networking group. Masterminds are about members helping one other grow their businesses and management skills through ideas and accountability.

Bold CEOs will submit monthly Financials, Marketing, and Sales Metrics to the C-Suite Advisory Board which includes fellow members, a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Marketing Officer, and a Chief Sales Officer.  CEOs will be on the "Hot Seat" quarterly and will address Red Flags and Green Flags raised by the C-Suite Advisory Board and fellow CEOs, as well as held accountable for action plans.

Bold Growth

Your Mastermind
Many C-level decision-makers without Peer Advisory though doing well occasionally have or experience

  • slower growth and profitability (-214% and -118% respectively),
  • unsure of benchmarks and best practices
  • lack confidential continuous learning environment
  • stuck working "In" vs. "On" their business
  • stagnant circles of professional and personal relationships
  • miss out on creative, proven solutions from others' hard-won lessons and experience
  • unreliable, untested, and possibly biased advice and feedback
  • lonely at the top and have few people, if any, to discuss "Real" problems
  • limited mentoring other driven CEOs
  • little if any accountability

Your C-Suite
In addition to peer support, insights, and accountability, high-performing Bold CEOs will receive data-based insights from the Bold CEO C-Suite (Chief Financial, Marketing, Sales, and Strategy Officers) personal and professional leadership topics for discussion and additional operational and process improvement resources.

Most peer advisory groups talk about the prevailing winds of business, surface-level issues, rely on limited information, and urgent but insignificant details; however, Bold CEOs will have both Red and Green Flags for discussion driven by actual information and benchmarks like financial, marketing metrics, and sales conversions.

What does or would your company have to invest annually to have all seats of your C-Suite filled at a corporate level? And, how likely are they to give you completely objective insights absent politics and self-preservation? Even if you hired them as consultants you’d likely pay $250-$500 per hour!

Ideal Candidates
C-level Decision Makers who might consider joining a Bold CEOs Mastermind & C-Suite often have similar characteristics:

  • Commitment to Improvement - Those who value continuous learning and believe every CEO must invest in their ongoing professional development. A commitment to grow typically brings with it an openness to new ideas and coachability.
  • Humility & Vulnerability - Willing to share personal triumphs, struggles, failures, and gratitudes. Hard-won experience including the good, bad, and horrific provides depth and meaning for leaders of substance.
  • Time Commitment - Consistent participation is one of the most important ingredients to Mastermind success as it strengthens the trust to discuss key issues and concerns. Time includes time to implement, measure, and be accountable for action items. This is time invested working "On" yourself and your business vs. working "In" your business.
  • Self-Awareness - in addition to organizational performance, top leaders aim to increase personal growth, employee development, and customer and investor satisfaction.
  • Generosity - “While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca. Developing deep trusting relationships is accelerated by a mindset of "Giving" vs. "Taking" and while we expect you to take plenty those how give the most typically get the most.
  • Aggressive Growth Mindset - Not toe dippers. This is an all-in group of professionals dedicated to growth and development - both personally and professionally. Likely, you’ll be aggressively growing sales, adding employees, locations, product lines, and services.

What Bold CEOs is NOT
Bold CEOs is not a networking group; however, some networking will naturally occur as we build and grow relationships. We do not promote or solicit business at these events, provide commercials, nor pass business cards around the table. Bold Networking does provide those types of events should you want to participate in such groups.

Bold CEOs is not a replacement for your own C-Suite if you have one. You’ll likely have your own team of advisors, consultants, and executives. Most businesses don’t have the luxury of a well structured C-Suite with each of the departments represented; however, if you do have some overlap, you’ll have a second opinion, fresh perspective, and additional ideas to take back to your team.


  • Aggressive Growth C-Level Decision Maker - company intention for immediate growth. A for-profit or non-profit company poised for adding sales, employees, locations, products or services.
  • Invitation to attend (Members vote on participation)
  • Recruitment - assistance in inviting other CEOs you’d value in your official Mastermind
  • Executed Guidelines and Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) - Vegas Rules apply (What happens at Bold CEOs….)
    • Non-Solicitation Agreement
    • Media Release/Consent
    • Bold CEO Commitments
  • Completed DISC and Motivators Assessment - upgraded upon completion to $19.95 version, downloaded, and send to the event host.
  • Financial Investment - introductory visit is complimentary then $250 per month for an initial 12-month commitment.
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