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John Alford

John Alford, Team Coach

John leads an agency team in his own financial services agency where he helps middle Americans protect their finances by "disarming financial risk." This is a dual-career position following my passion to educate and empower all Americans to make sound, safe financial decisions to benefit themselves, their families, and their charities while avoiding unnecessary risk, taxes, and fees. I also serve as an "agency incubator" for our parent company Five Rings Financial, developing agencies in 5 states currently and continuing to expand in select markets.




At each of our weekly networking events, we discuss as a team the weekly training topic.  I hope you'll consider checking this out in advance of coming to weekly events, so we can have a more meaningful and relevant discussion.


Accountability-Keeping it between the gutters

Willpower is Overrated Download & Print the PDF Let’s face it, we’re in information overload every day with thousands of decisions each day.  When I ask goal setters what they think the #1 challenge is, I hear “Willpower” almost every time. What helps with goal success? Willpower is certainly helpful;…



You'll have PLENTY of opportunities to get introduced to your ideal prospects, build relationships, find solutions for your clients, and grow your influence at these local and national events.  In addition to networking events, you'll also find sales training, CEO Boot Camps, and monthly Advanced Training.


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Monthly List

Advanced Sales Training Virtual Event

fa Advanced Sales Training workshops are for those doing great in ...
13 Dec
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Local Time
Date: Dec 14 2021
Time: 5:00 am - 6:00 am

International Speed Networking Virtual Event

OVERVIEW Speed Networking is a free event to help sales professionals ...
15 Dec
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Local Time
Date: Dec 15 - 16 2021
Time: 11:00 pm - 12:00 am
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Hi Hannah! I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about my experience with Bold so far. Wow! Bold people are different in such a good way. They are truly giving. Truly kind. Truly inspiring. And that is because of the culture you and Robert have created. I am thankful to even have the opportunity to try it out. Thank you so much.  


Erica Camp

Inviting is crucial to creating a group. When I decided to share the good news of Bold networking in Texas, Robert and Hannah helped me create  New Braunfels Bold Networking by inviting guests on Linked In  and through training. Our Texas team has stayed engaged through Robert's Tuesday training where they learn more about the Concepts of Go Giver and values.  

My team and I are very grateful for Robert and Hannah' support. 


Linda Chevrier 

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Speed Networking 150 X 150

Speed Networking | Monthly, Virtual, FREE Networking

Speed Networking events are free virtual events to help sales professionals and business owners to rapidly and efficiently expand their referral networks.  We’ll have some fun, grow relationships, and ultimately increase our influence in the marketplace. Open to all professionals seeking to grow their network.

Cash Mob | After Hours, FREE Casual Networking

Casual networking events that help support locally owned businesses. These events are fun and FREE to professionals who may appreciate learning about networking, building and growing relationships, and support local businesses.  We typically don't have presenters, nor do we give commercials. 

cash mob logo
Bold Logo 500 X 500

Bold Networking | Weekly, Industry Exclusive Networking

Bold Networking teams are innovative weekly networking events centered around The Go-Giver and sharing of gratitudes.  These events have only one professional per industry and are highly intentional where we seek to introduce you to your ideal client face to face whenever possible.  Bold Networking has a relaxed attendance policy, substitute free, and authentic bonafide referrals.

Bold OS | Operating System for Success in Sales, Leadership, and Communication

In Bold OS (aka Sales Training) you'll master the mindset, psychology, and communication to develop your personalized Operating System (OS) for success in sales, leadership, and communication.  This 13-week workshop is traditionally for sales professionals and business owners though anyone attempting to increase their influence and effectiveness in communication may benefit.  You'll have to option to earn certifications as a white, orange, blue, and black belt.

bold OS 500 by 500
Bold CEOs - Bootcamp 500 by 500

Bold CEOs Boot Camp | Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Agents, Advisors, Networkers, and Self-Employed

Boot Camp is for any business which wants to make sure the basic building blocks, mindsets, systems, and processes are in place to illuminate the blindspots, dark corners, and eliminate surprises to provide optimal conditions for the business to grow.  Ultimately, your business will create an income, lifestyle, and freedom you likely sought out in the first place.  If you've already started your business, you'll double-check everything, plot out a better course, and finally, have a shot at massive business success.

Bold Moms | Ladies Encouraging and Networking with Ladies Monthy and Supporting Charities

Bold Moms seek to connect and elevate professional moms, grandmoms, and ladies to give them a safe, fun environment to grow their businesses, without all the rules, regulations, and commitments that come with other networking groups.  Bold Moms meet monthly for lunch and benefit a local charity chosen quarterly by your team.

Bold Vets Logo 500 by 500

Bold Vets | Networking and Camaraderie for U.S. Veterans and Active Duty Members

Bold Vets is a free national networking event to help U.S. Armed Forces active duty and veterans who are sales professionals and business owners to rapidly and efficiently expand their referral networks.

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