Leveraging Social Media

Leveraging Social Media – Effortless Prospecting

And, leveraging Bold Networking Events to Prospect for Your Business without Sounding Like a Salesperson.

When it comes to social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, most sales professionals aren’t sure how to best leverage their efforts.  In fact, many avoid social media altogether and view it as a waste of time, while others use it as their sole driver for business success.

So, what’s the purpose of social media in your sales process anyway?  Reactive means that you are waiting for someone else to take action and proactive means that you are taking action.  Here are a few ideas…

  • Reactive
    • Branding & Marketing
    • Developing and Strengthing Relationships
    • Lead Generation – landing pages, links, lead capture opt-in
    • Growing your influence and expanding your network – others requesting a connection with you
  • Proactive
    • Gathering Prospect information like communication and learning styles
    • Market Research
    • Lead Generation – direct connection, connection requests
    • Growing your influence and expanding your network – requesting connection to your ideal clients

Ultimately, the goal of proactive social media is simply to start a conversation and learn if you can help your prospect or not.

Social Media Rules of Thumb

  • Proper Posting
    • Say something interesting
    • Be consistent
    • Make it about them
    • Avoid polarizing or volatile topics (sex, religion, vulgarity, politics, etc)
  • Crystal clear understanding of your ideal outcomes.  For example:
    • Have a Phone Conversation
    • Download something or Sign-up
    • Request an appointment
  • Connecting Bold Style
    • Make it easy for your prospect to start a conversation with you and be responsive
    • Keep it about them
    • Get the conversation OFF social media ASAP
      • Recommend a short conversation on the phone
      • Meet for a cup of coffee
      • Invite to a video chat

Using Social Media and Bold Networking Events to Prospect for Your Business

One of the most powerful prospecting methods I’ve ever employed with absolutely no pressure is inviting my ideal prospects to Bold Networking events and after hour Cash Mobs.  This method is all about being Bold…we are seeking to add value to their network, we are making it about them, and there is zero pressure to be our client.

For example, here are a few different ways I could connect with an electrical contractor with 5-10 employees in my city that has been in business for less than five years, I can:

  1. Ask my network for introductions.  Reach out to the specific people in my network that are likely to send referrals to an Electrical Contractor and people that might get referrals from an electrical contractor.  The more specific my request the more likely I’ll receive information.
  2. Create a Recommendation Request on Facebook by creating a post and selecting Asking for Recommendations.  So, for my example above I could request a recommendation to send a few referrals to a newer electrical contractor with 5-10 employees in the Tulsa Metro area.  The photo above was a request I had made to find a photographer for an event I’m helping with, and I received 17 recommendations within a few hours.
  3. LinkedIn search and connection request by selecting the search bar at the top, then People, then All Filters.  I’d set the filters to 1st and 2nd connections, location to my area, and industries to construction, and then apply.  In the search bar, I’d type “Electrical Contractor” and enter.  In Tulsa, OK I came up with 8 electrical contractors.  I’ve sent all of them the message below.
  4. An online search for electrical contractors near me and then researching their contact information from their online footprint and websites, if they have one.
  5. Research for free on ReferenceUSA through my library card those specific companies then I could reach out via email, phone call, walk-in, or social media and invite them to an event.  Once I have the specific decision-makers name and basic contact information, I can figure out the best mode of communication for them.

So what do you say when reaching out via the phone, email, text, carrier pigeon, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Well, a little depends on how you’re reaching out; however, in general, my direct message, phone call or connection request on LinkedIn is something like… (Note:  Add a Note when sending a connection request and don’t send standard connection requests which usually get ignored.)

Hi Bob.

I’d like to connect and am looking for an Electrical Contractor to send a few referrals. Hopefully, you’re open to a visit to meet the professionals I network with or that you have a colleague that might. Please let me know either way, so I can send details.

Best of Success,
Robert Johnson

Here is how it typically works out…I’ll invite 10 or so professionals to connect on LinkedIn with a version of the above message.  Most, don’t reply and 1-2 will accept my connection request and ask questions or express interest.  I then reply with a link to the meeting via facebook event or meetup or simply type it out and suggest that we meet before the meeting for a few minutes for me to learn a bit more about them or suggest a phone call to meet.  And, I suggest they bring a good-sized stack of cards or brochures to pass around.

And, ultimately, because I’m seeking to add value to their network and send them referrals I’ve begun to build trust and grow my influence.  Note:  This is not a trick or technique because my genuine interests are to add value and help them to grow their business.

The Law of Influence from The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann states that your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.

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