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Network Value Add (NVA)

Network Value Add includes the four activities that add real value to your network.  Without all four these activities, it's not likely you'll have amazing success networking.  Embracing all four and your business will never be the same!

*Reporting Introductions Given and Inviting Guests are both coming soon.

Connect Meetings!

Connect Meetings – Adding Value to Your Network Printable Training Topic Worksheet One of the most effective ways to get to know your networking partners is to have Connect Meetings, which are essentially face to face, getting to know each other appointments.  By getting to know our networking partners, we will be better equipped to introduce them to their ideal prospects and perhaps even deepen relationships based on knowing them better, liking them, trusting them, and valuing what they offer to their clients. Following are a couple of tips that might help you maximize the value of your connect meetings, a few things to avoid when having effective connect meetings, and a handful of great questions to enrich your connections. If you’d like to take connect meetings to a whole new level, please consider work that has been done over the past couple of decades by Dr. Arthur Aron at the University of New York in the area of accelerating closeness.  Dr. Aron concluded that the fastest way to closeness included staring into the other person’s eyes for four minutes uninterrupted and both in complete silence.  Through several additional studies, there are another 36 questions that accelerate trust, closeness, and authenticity.  Individually...

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Introducing vs. Referring DOWNLOADABLE PDF Over the past few training topics, we’ve been learning about a crazy concept I call Network Value Added (NVA) and how we can add value to our network both in and out of Bold Networking.  There are literally dozens of ways to add value; however, we focused on a few key activities like Showing Up, effective Connect Meetings and Inviting others to join your network.  This week we’ll learn a few keys to making effective introductions and compare that to simply passing leads or giving referrals.   Most professionals I work with would rather work with people they’ve been introduced to vs. cold calling and most people that get introduced to a company would rather do business with them than someone they met cold.  Why? Five Reasons to Seek and Give Quality Introductions Reduced Prospecting Reluctance – It’s been warmed up a lot, so it’s far easier to make that call and the person that introduced you is even holding you accountable for the follow-up Faster time to business – Introductions typically do business much faster than cold calls Greater Transaction Size – Introductions typically transact much larger initial purchases Enhanced Probability – Much more likely to...

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Inviting Guests!

Inviting Guests DOWNLOADABLE PDF One of the greatest ways to add value to your network (aka Network Value Added, NVA), is to be constantly and consistently inviting other professionals to Bold Networking events in your area.  Why Invite Guests to Events So, how does inviting guests to your area events add value to your network?  Clearly, there is a self-serving interest I have in your helping to market Bold Networking, as I’d like Bold Networking to expand internationally and impact as many lives as possible.  However, it is definitely a win/win, as you… Can easily prospect for your ideal clients in a very low-pressure method of simply inviting them to meet the professionals you network with. Expands your influence by adding Centers of Influence (C.O.I. from an earlier training topic analogy of COI ponds vs. KOI ponds.) You also expand the influence of your fellow teammates by expanding their associations You are able to solve bigger and more diverse problems through the strength of your growing network More referrals are possible You look cool in front of your friends because you have a lot of other friends   Just this evening I was visiting with one of our team’s coaches...

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Showing Up!

Showing Up – Adding Value to Your Network Printable Training Topic Worksheet I get asked a lot about Bold Networking’s attendance policy, so I thought I’d share a little, and let’s discuss why showing up matters so much for your networking events. A lot happens when we show up every week to network.  Ultimately, people only do business and introduce people that they know, like, trust, and value (K.L.T.V.), and your weekly meetings are a great place to start and nurture those relationships. Six Things Showing Up Increases Know – over the course of several networking meetings your teammates get to know you and the unique problems you solve for your ideal prospects.  Also, your teammates, through repetition, learn most of your 60-second commercial and can often utilize parts to help you prospect and pre-qualify your prospects. Like –  shared experiences and contact helps grow how much we like each other.  If you contrast that with someone you rarely see, how much does “like” grow?  Not much right.  In fact, the people we typically care about most are the people we meet with regularly. Trust – learning of the stories where our teammates have helped their clients and have done...

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