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Reporting Connect Meetings

Why? You’ll look cool in front of your friendsYou can review when you’re trying to recall who to follow up withYou get Network Value Added pointsAdditional RecognitionWhy not?  It only takes a few seconds When? I find it’s best at the end of the Connect Meeting to report with members that way you can snap…...

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Robert Johnson

I'm passionate about helping sales professionals & businesses grow sales through training, coaching, & sometimes taking over their sales and marketing divisions as a short-term bridge management team. I also help sales pros get more referrals with less effort through professional networking. Our prospects deserve highly trained sales professionals not using "Old School," high pressure, low yield tactics. I typically get referred to successful sales professionals and businesses that are doing well and sometimes struggle with inconsistent sales, concerned their goods and services are being treated like a commodity, frustrated sales team discounts, begs, peddles, and pushes to sell at low margins, or may be losing sleep because they are missing their goals. You may be crushing your goals, breaking records, and have zero issues with sales, and as such, I'm not sure if any of these issues are even a concern for you, your business, or a professional you care about. If something caught your attention, please consider connecting with me here on LinkedIn and sending me an email at [email protected] Happy Hunting! Robert Johnson-(918)928-7158