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The Law of Authenticity

The Law of Authenticity

Over the last few weeks, we discussed the first three Laws of Stratospheric Success from the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann:  The Laws of Value, Compensation, and Influence (Sales & Leadership).  In this week’s training topic, we dive into the fourth law, The Law of Authenticity.

The Law of Authenticity – The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

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This is one of my favorite laws when it comes to training sales professionals and leaders.  Most “Old School” sales training and leadership materials teach loads of techniques, scripts, and if this then that tricks.  At Bold we teach to lead with Authenticity and follow the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from The Go-Giver.

You’ve probably had a salesperson call you and you were able to tell instantly they were reading straight from a script.  Too often, instead of being “Authentic” we are trained to be a sales killer and end up sounding like a salesperson or disingenuous.

And, if you sound like a salesperson, you’ll likely be treated like a salesperson.  And, if you sound like a technique based manager, you’ll likely sound like a control freak or fear-based boss, not a leader.

Preferrably, you’ll learn the skills and mindsets of effective sales and leadership to help your prospects and teammates solve their problems and utilize those in your own authentic voice and tone.  This will require temporarily setting aside your own needs, especially your needs for making a sale, and putting their interests first (sounds a lot like The Law of Influence.)

Another excample of being Authentic or Real, includes doing the “Opposite” of everyone else.  For example, if all your competitors are giving away “Free” estimates, don’t.  Strike out immediately to seperate yourself from the herd, be unique, and be authentic.

In The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann, Joe goes on a journey learning that giving is the key to success and becoming a Go-Giver transforms not just his business…it transformed his life.

This is one of my most recommended books and a very easy read.  If you haven’t read the book yet or if you’d like to pick up a copy for a friend, you can pick it up for less than $10 on AmazonGo-Giver Sell More is also a fantastic read!  Both are available on Kindle and Audible if you’d rather.

Downloadable PDF Training Topic Sheet

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