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Welcome Aboard

Key Steps to Getting Setup Powerfully.

1. Setup Profile & View All Members' Profiles

You'll receive a community invite email to log In to your membership portal and thoroughly set up your profile, which is used to generate our membership directory, share contact info, and communicate with each other. You'll choose "Login with Secure Code," which will in turn email you a link to set-up your password and edit your profile.

Once, logged into the Members Only community, click on the profile icon in the top right corner, edit your profile, and make sure to enter all of your details (email, phone, socials, and calendaring link). A headshot is highly recommended and requested along with choosing email and phone publicly visible, which will make your information available ONLY to other members.

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2. Complete Orientation (Training Coming Soon)

You've likely already figured out that we do things a bit differently here at Bold Networking! By completing the Orientation you'll know a bit more about the resources available and be powerfully set up to get the most value out of your membership.

You'll want to complete the Orientation Training ASAP. You are expected to have it complete within your first week as a member. You can find your courses in the Members Only Portal under the Learning tab at the top.

Once you've completed your Orientation Training you'll have access to the BoldOS Sales Training Mastery Course and other powerful training resources.

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3. RSVP for Your Weekly Event

All events are listed on our Events Calendar and at the bottom of this page. Please take a moment to RSVP for your weekly event. While we do have a relaxed attendance policy, members agree to keep their weekly meeting an absolute priority and maintain attendance above 80%.

Our events calendar is hosted on Meetup. If you don't have a profile on Meetup, please create one and join our Meetup group and RSVP for your weekly event.

While you're RSVPing, please share the event on your socials like Facebook and LinkedIn by choosing the share icon.

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4. RSVP for Sales Training

One of the greatest values in a Bold Networking membership is our world class sales training...there is truly nothing like it on the planet.

As a member, you have access to the training for 12-weeks from your first sales training workshop. Team leadership roles, as a token of appreciation for the value they add, receive lifetime access for as long as they are in a leadership role. The course repeats every 13-weeks; however, waiting for the 1st class is not necessary NOR advised.

Action. Register for the next class right now...jump in! RSVP

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5. Complete Your 1st Network Value Added (NVA) Report

Adding value to the network is the lifeblood of our network, and you're already doing it! In networking, we're never taught exactly how to add value in a clear measurable way. Instead most of us take on "being a good guy or gal" and just show up to a ton of events with few, if any, referrals to show for it. Here at Bold Networking, you'll learn and agree to adding specific, measurable value...and if you're not, you're just wasting your time, energy, and money going through the motions.

The 4 NVA Activities:

🚀 Showing Up

🚀 Connect Meetings

🚀 Inviting Guests

🚀 Making Introductions

✅ Weekly you'll receive an email to verify completion of your report along with "Click to Report" extra paperwork...simply click the link the number of times you've completed an NVA activity. You can also visit the website to complete a report at any time on the Network Value Add Page (NVA). Please complete one time right now for Showing Up to your weekly event, so you can see how easy it is and get credit for what you've already added.

Our agreement is that members will have Integrity in reporting a minimum of two Network Value Add activities each and every week. 🤩 Rock Stars maintain 5+ Network Value Add consistently, and their network will be forever impacted.

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Please RSVP for Your Weekly Networking Event and BoldOS Sales Training