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Bold Networking isn't your Grand Parents networking groups with outdated rules, stringent policies, and expensive fees.


Frustrated with Sales, Exhausted from Rollercoaster Results and Hate "Old School" High-pressure Techniques?
BoldOS | Operating System for Sales Success in remarkably innovative, proven, built on solid psychology principals, and is wildly effective for sales introverts.
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Locked Out of Networking in Your Area?
Most groups around the world are already tapped for certain industries and you may be locked out. If you'd be open to learning more about starting your own, let's connect.
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Is Networking a Waste of Time?
For most people, YES, and it was for me until I learned a few key, powerful mindsets that changed everything. Now, it's a challenge to keep up with all the referrals.
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Why Choose Bold Networking

Frankly, I’m not sure you should.  I’m not sure what you’re seeking in the way of professional networking and sales training.  Looking for a rigid, forced referrals, or to sell everyone in your group?  Bold Networking is DEFINITELY NOT for you.

Our teammates are typically successful professionals who had struggled to get loads of quality referrals; may have been frustrated by rigorous attendance policies and forced to get substitutes; or, had been losing sleep trying to figure out how to best leverage their time to grow sales.

We actively seek to introduce you to your ideal clients in person whenever possible. We become your raving fans who ACTIVELY and INTENTIONALLY hunt for you because we develop authentic relationships.

Bold Networking Events

There's Something For Everyone

You'll find people to connect with, rapidly expand your network, grow your influence, and sharpen your skills.

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Does Your Networking or Sales Training Organization Offer As Much?

Cash Mobs - FREE

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Grow Trust & Expand Influence

Speed Networking - FREE

Online Regional Networking
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Online Worldwide Networking
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Networking isn't enough. To be effective and efficient with the referrals you receive a powerful sales conversation drives results. Are you hammering on your craft or falling prey to the false hope of more leads or more marketing?

Network Value Add

Your success in professional networking requires these four key activities.
Without any of the four, you might as well just buy more advertising.

Connect Meetings - Network Value Added
Making Introductions - Network Value Add
Inviting Guests - Network Value Add
Show Up - Network Value Add

We've trained thousands of sales and networking professionals. I'm most grateful for those who take the knowledge and apply it, are willing to fail, and seek to learn and grow.

Advanced Sales Training | Free | Monthly

Influence | Sales | Leadership

“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people's interests first.."