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Bold Networking?

Frankly, I'm not sure you should.  I'm not sure what you're seeking in the way of professional networking and sales training.  Looking for a rigid, forced referrals, or to sell everyone in your group?  Bold Networking is DEFINITELY NOT for you.

Our teammates are typically successful professionals who had struggled to get loads of quality referrals; may have been frustrated by rigorous attendance policies and forced to get substitutes; or, had been losing sleep trying to figure out how to best leverage their time to grow sales.

We actively seek to introduce you to your ideal clients in person whenever possible. We become your raving fans who ACTIVELY and INTENTIONALLY hunt for you because we develop authentic relationships.

Looking for a professional networking team focused on actively and intentionally hunting for you, creating authentic relationships, and anchored in abundance and gratitude...not rules, punishment, and quotas?  Do you deserve something better than just passing around business cards and tiny sheets of paper?  Try us out for 30-days and experience the Bold Networking difference.

Not everyone is cut out to lead a team; however, if you're going to network, why not have the most influence in your market, lead the direction of your own team, and help others to achieve massive networking success.  Bold Networking has a proven system to help launch, manage, and rapidly grow networking events.

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Leadership Roles

Leadership Roles

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Next Upcoming Event

AZ | Gilbert Networking Luncheon

December 6, 2021
- The Nook
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Local Date: Dec 06 2021 |
Local Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am


"Hi Hannah! I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about my experience with Bold so far. Wow! Bold people are different in such a good way. They are truly giving. Truly kind. Truly inspiring. And that is because of the culture you and Robert have created. I am thankful to even have the opportunity to try it out. Thank you so much."  

Erica Camp

"Inviting is crucial to creating a group. When I decided to share the good news of Bold networking in Texas, Robert and Hannah helped me create  New Braunfels Bold Networking by inviting guests on Linked In  and through training. Our Texas team has stayed engaged through Robert's Tuesday training where they learn more about the Concepts of Go Giver and values.  

My team and I are very grateful for Robert and Hannah' support. "


Linda Chevrier 

We had also become trapped in 5 separate silos. Our signs, banner, and wraps division is arguably tops in Oklahoma; however, they were selling very little print, direct mail, or promotional products. Our print and direct mail divisions print millions of pieces, yet that area was selling in their silo as well. And, we didn’t have a transparent, manageable sales process. In fact, we had to wait months to see if the sales team was even working on a day to day basis.  

Mike Wilbins, President, Meeks Group

The one-to-one consulting from Robert was genuine, authentic, and directed at the real obstacle in my sales process. After this meeting, I scrapped a proposal I was working on and changed my approach entirely and subsequently, I won the project. It was refreshing to find a repeatable sales workflow based on principles that are in alignment with my personal value system of being authentic.

Robert gave me permission to approach sales in a way that is disarmingly honest enabling me to achieve more success than I have in the recent past. It was also a much more enjoyable sales experience for all parties involved.  

Amy J. Campbell, CMRP, Owner, The Red Checker, LLC

Thank you sincerely for helping me get organized and running in the right lane.  I don’t think you need your ego stroked, so when I say that your training is helpful and unique I genuinely mean it.  I have been through a lot of sales training and read a lot of books—I can see that your training is a synthesis of some of the best practices out there.

Jared Pawelka, FIC, Financial Representative, Modern Woodmen of America

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