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Bold Networking

Bold Networking Teams meets for professional networking and sales growth training.

Our teammates are typically successful sales professionals and business owners that struggled getting plenty of high-quality referrals, may have been frustrated by expensive advertising or poor return on advertising expense, or were losing sleep trying to figure out how to best leverage their time to grow their sales.


Bold Networking believes in the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success: The Law of Value, Compensation, Influence, Authenticity, and Receptivity. The more you are able to add value, the more referrals you will receive, and the greater your compensation will be in return.

We’re NOT a “Tips” or Leads group! We seek to introduce you to your ideal clients in person whenever possible. Your Bold Referral Teammates become your raving fans and ACTIVELY and INTENTIONALLY help you grow your business. We become your unpaid, highly skilled, lead generation team!

In addition to referrals and sales training, our teammates have access to Bold Growth Strategies University On-Line, can visit other Bold Networking teams to expand their network, are invited to participate in other events, and typically volunteer as a team to help a local charity.

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