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Accountability-Keeping it between the gutters

Set up bumpers to keep you going down the middle of the lane.

Willpower is Overrated

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Let’s face it, we’re in information overload every day with thousands of decisions each day.  When I ask goal setters what they think the #1 challenge is, I hear “Willpower” almost every time.

What helps with goal success?



Willpower is certainly helpful; however, willpower, a result of conscious thought, resides in the energy-hungry cerebral cortex.  Our brains conserve energy and have much more efficient areas for most decisions.  

Willpower only helps with about 1/6th of decision making.  Our non-conscious brains make up nearly 5/6ths of our “Automated” decisions with functions like emotions, fight or flight, pain avoidance, and pleasure seeking.

Unstoppable Success

Internal Achievement Systems – Dreams → Goals → Knowledge of Strategy → Imagine enjoying the result → Visualization; Self-Esteem; Focus; and, Gratitude.

Ideas for Visualization, Self-Esteem, Focus & Gratitude?



External Achievement Systems, “Bowling Bumpers” – Accountability → Share your Activity Commitments with others → Set Small Activity Rewards for achieving small activity goals → Set increasing punishments for missing small activity goals.  Pick punishments that get you motivated as we are wired for pain avoidance.

What will be your personal External Achievement System?



Internal & External Systems Suggestions

Internal Achievement Systems:  Consider your dreams, fantasies, and desires; 90-second Goal Setting Exercise; Develop and clarify a weekly strategy for 90 days; Eliminate distractions including making too many decisions; Use your imagination with things like test drives, open houses, picture boards, meditations, and prayer; Visualize how you’ll feel in success and enjoy your spoils emotionally before you’ve received them like an Olympic athlete visualized getting the Gold medal a million times before the actual run; Daily gratitude journal; and, Protect your self-esteem at all costs including setting smaller 90-day goals and building on that success.

External Achievement Systems:  Develop and refine Activity Strategy for each goal; Focus goals to no more than Three Professional, Two Personal, and One Relationship goal for each 90 Day period; Celebrate the small victories, don’t wait for quantum leaps; If you don’t do the activity, you don’t get the reward, you get escalating correction (1st miss = $25 to charity you can’t stand; 2nd miss = $100; and 3rd miss = $1,000); Okay to earn your way back to the 1st miss by making up the activity; Share your activity goals, rewards, and punishments with others, a coach, mentor, friend, internet; be Coachable.

Download & Print the PDF

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