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C.o.I. Ponds

Centers of Influence (COI)

June 11, 2021

Growing Your Networking Team Noel Malan with Five Rings Financial shared a great analogy comparing Koi Fish Ponds to Center of Influence (C.O.I.) Ponds.  Though nothing like traditional Japanese Koi ponds, they are similar in that you can link your C.O.I. ponds with other ponds to exponentially grow your pond.   In essence, when you…

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LinkedIn Success

Linked-In or Linked-Out?

June 4, 2021

Effectively Setting Up and Growing Your LinkedIn Network | 6-Week Strategy Training Worksheet Download A lot of people I talk to tell me that they are confused about what LinkedIn does or doesn’t do, maybe overwhelmed with setting up a new social media channel, maybe lost and unsure of where to start, and most are…

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Success Metrics

Success Metrics | Leading, Middle, and Lagging KPIs

May 28, 2021

DOWNLOADABLE PDF WORKSHEET Ultimately, the activities that lead to achieving your goals are called Leading Activities.   When we measure and track these activities or keep score we call them performance indicators.  When they are critical to our success, we call them Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. For sales, when you think of leading activities, you…

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Income Producing Time

Maximizing Time Utilization | Income Producing Time

May 21, 2021

Managing Time is Out, Managing Focus is In Download and Print the Training Topic Maximizing Time Utilization – Income Producing Time There’s really no such thing as time management!  We all have the same 24 hours each day; however, there is such a thing as Time Utilization.  Time Utilization and Time Leveraging is what separates…

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Accountability-Keeping it between the gutters

May 14, 2021

Willpower is Overrated Download & Print the PDF Let’s face it, we’re in information overload every day with thousands of decisions each day.  When I ask goal setters what they think the #1 challenge is, I hear “Willpower” almost every time. What helps with goal success?     Willpower is certainly helpful; however, willpower, a…

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Leadership Roles

Leadership Roles

May 7, 2021

Leaders make Bold Networking events happen, help others grow their businesses, amplify and protect our winning culture.

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Prospecting Message

Landing Your Prospecting Message…Nailed It!

April 30, 2021

Prospecting Message 10, 30, and 60-second Commercials The Bold Networking Prospecting Message is quite possibly one of the Top three most critical elements of the entire sales process and capstone for both marketing and prospecting.  Mastery of your 30-second commercial (aka 60-Second Presentation) is absolutely critical to your sales (and marketing) success! Prospecting and the…

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Making Introductions


April 23, 2021

Introducing vs. Referring DOWNLOADABLE PDF Over the past few training topics, we’ve been learning about a crazy concept I call Network Value Added (NVA) and how we can add value to our network both in and out of Bold Networking.  There are literally dozens of ways to add value; however, we focused on a few…

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Show Up

Showing Up!

April 16, 2021

Showing Up – Adding Value to Your Network Printable Training Topic Worksheet I get asked a lot about Bold Networking’s attendance policy, so I thought I’d share a little, and let’s discuss why showing up matters so much for your networking events. A lot happens when we show up every week to network.  Ultimately, people…

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Inviting Guests

Inviting Guests!

April 9, 2021

Inviting Guests DOWNLOADABLE PDF One of the greatest ways to add value to your network (aka Network Value Added, NVA), is to be constantly and consistently inviting other professionals to Bold Networking events in your area.  Why Invite Guests to Events So, how does inviting guests to your area events add value to your network? …

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Connect Meetings

Connect Meetings!

April 2, 2021

Connect Meetings – Adding Value to Your Network Printable Training Topic Worksheet One of the most effective ways to get to know your networking partners is to have Connect Meetings, which are essentially face to face, getting to know each other appointments.  By getting to know our networking partners, we will be better equipped to introduce them…

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Success or Failure

Goal Hacking & The P.U.R.E. Model

March 26, 2021

Goal Setting, for most professionals, is typically wildly ineffective, leads to frustrating, if any, lasting results, and almost always leads to reduced self-esteem.

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