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Bold CEOs Bootcamp

Commitments, Guidelines & Agreement

  1. Attendance requirements – Bold CEOs | Boot Camp is designed to provide you with tools to mature your business.  Additionally, your cohort will provide experience and perspectives, discernment, support, and accountability. If you are not in attendance, you'll likely miss out on some of the context, ability to ask questions, and participate in discussions and end of workshop mastermind.   We strive to make our meetings so valuable to you that you will move heaven and earth to attend.  
    • However, we know there are times when missing a workshop is unavoidable.  We will share the link to the recording, if available, within 72 hours.
  2. Attention – Members should be completely focused on what’s happening in meetings.  Please invest the time to develop systems, processes, and resources to make sure our time together is protected and interruption-free.
    • Cell phones completely off (not vibrate or annoy mode), laptop notifications off and other windows closed, and you completely focused on the main conversation.  This is a time for you to work “on” your business vs. “in” your business. We won’t be checking email, answering texts, or taking calls for any reason during our time together.
  3. Participation – Participation is crucial, as it accelerates learning.  Hopefully, you’ll step up to the plate and give it everything you’ve got, as you’d expect from the rest of your cohort.
  4. Safe Tree House – Everything we share is with the understanding that we are voicing our thoughts in a “Safe Environment” with full permission to say something stupid, incorrect, misremembered, or flat out silly.  And, in knowing that someday it will likely be ourselves, so please extend grace and tolerance. 
    • You are expected to treat everyone with respect and manners, even if you don’t agree.  
    • “How” and “What” questions are almost always better than “Why” questions.
    • Being the boss can be tough and having thick skin is often helpful.  As such, expect others are asking questions and may even call you on your BS to help you grow.  Avoid taking comments, thoughts, questions, and avoidance of any possible excuses personally. As a cohort, we’ll do our best to deliver feedback that isn’t a personal attack.
  5. Accountability – If you make a commitment to complete a task, you will be held accountable to do so. Each month you’ll be asked to share what your progress towards commitments and previous workshop assignments.  Don’t be surprised when you are asked about the completion of what you agreed to complete. Joyful accountability is a beautifully motivating force.  
    • Excuses, explanations, reasons, and justifications for missing a target or making progress aren’t helpful and will likely be ignored.
    • Honesty – If you are not willing to be honest about what is going on in your life and business this group is probably not a good fit. Your cohort is here to grow – which means we are vulnerable and willing to ask for help.
  6. Connection – We anticipate fostering lifelong friendships and will share at a deep level on many subjects both professional and personal.  To facilitate this level of relationship we must recognize and adhere to the purpose of the group. 
    • This is not a networking group. The purpose of our gathering is not to solicit referrals or seek to market to fellow members inside or outside the meeting.  Members want to feel safe in the group, not the recipient of an onslaught of sales attempts.
    • Other Bold CEOs are NOT your prospects though they may choose to reach out to you for a solution from time to time.
    • If networking is your desire we can recommend a Bold Networking group designed for that purpose for you and your sales team to get more referrals.
  7. Confidentiality – Bold CEOs Boot Camp is a safe space where CEOs can bring their problems, challenges, and concerns.  We may occasionally share marketing, sales, and financials in addition to opportunities, market advantages & disadvantages, and trade secrets from time to time.  Las Vegas rules definitely apply, “What happens at Bold CEOs Boot Camp, stays at Bold CEOs Boot Camp!”
    • Nothing that’s said inside Bold CEOs Boot Camp can be shared outside (note our non-disclosure agreement), even if you think it is in the best interest of the other members.
    • No part of our meetings may be video or audio recorded and recordings may not be shared with non-members.
    • Additionally, we are completely gossip free both inside and outside our team meeting. A simple definition of gossip: talking about someone when they’re not in the room or party to the conversation and includes both positive and negative gossip.
  8. Social Media, Photography, and Videography Consent – Meetings may be recorded and photographed by the facilitator, Bold CEOs, and/or Bold Networking for the purposes of promoting Bold CEOs on social media.  
    • By attending these events you are consenting to unrestricted use of content.  
    • No personal or professional confidential information will be shared in accordance with the Non-Disclosure Agreement.  
    • Complete meeting content may be shared securely with your cohort and by Bold CEOs on the website or other media and is the sole property of Bold Networking, LLC dba Bold CEOs.
  9. Membership – Your facilitator along with the leadership of Bold CEOs decides who can join the group and how individuals exit a group. We desire to be very inclusive, but we will be proactive in protecting the dynamics of the group.  
    • The membership term is a commitment of 6 months (12 workshops) for a total financial investment of $600.
    • There are no refunds.  Your 6 installment payments will be required whether you are present at the meeting or not.
    • Should you not fulfill the above commitments or cancel before your 6 month or 12 workshop agreement is completed, the full amount including any late fees, interest on debt, collection, and legal fees will be due upon termination.