Facial Microexpressions

Microexpressions Training Topic Worksheet Let’s be real, we all know what microexpressions are…you remember that look your mom gave you from across the room that told you she was either happy, fearful, surprised or maybe even angry with something you were about to do.  She likely didn’t have to say a single word and we […]

Beware of Communication Tendencies – DISC

How Does Your Prospect & Your Team Receive Information and Make Decisions? Applying DISC takes a ton of practice as we have our own communication styles that can get in the way. Printable Training Topic Worksheet – Please review prior to your meeting and take the assessment if possible. Most people haven’t spent a whole […]

Network Marketing, Multilevel Marketing (MLM), and Direct Sales

I often get asked if Network Marketers, Direct Sales, or Multi-Level marketers are welcome at Bold Networking. And, I always give an emphatic, “Yes!” Though there are some additional guidelines and best practices: You are only representing a single industry in all teams. For example, if you’re an insurance professional by day and a network […]