Networking Isn't Supposed to Suck

NOR Waste Time!

  • Not getting enough referrals or unsure of how to grow your network?

  • Sick and tired of wasting time at networking events with little to show for it?

  • Feeling awkward networking and may even be a bit introverted?

  • Disappointed with conversion of referrals into new clients?


Inspire, Embolden, Succeed.

Networking and Sales are both SKILLS that can be learned, duplicated, and optimized. Most people never get taught a way that isn't GROSS and few if any learn to optimize.

You're Invited...

You're invited to consider there is likely a better way to network...perhaps even revolutionary way to network AND a better way to sell that doesn't require tricks, tactics, and manipulation.

When you combine proven Networking and Sales methodology, you'll NEVER want for opportunity again and will become irreplaceable in your network due to the massive amount of value you've created.

-Robert Johnson, Founder



  • Learn a proven system to generate limitless referrals on demand...never run out of leads again.

  • Learn how to get 15 Referrals from Every Meeting...even if they don't buy themselves.

  • Quit wasting time chasing prospects who don't want to and will possibly never buy.


Learn the what, how, and why to powerful networking, so you can super charge your results.


Exactly what to say when to empower your peers to hunt for you and get referrals.


Industry leading sales training proven to triple sales without being icky, pushy, or gross.


What we track we can manage. What we manage we can master.



Local | Industry Exclusive

Professional Networking


In-Person or On-Line Events to Suit Your Business & Lifestyle or Just Save Drive Time


Monthly online International Networking event with Camille.


Optional After Hours Events to Rapidly Expand Your Network


Quarterly Metro Area Online Networking to explode your network


At Bold Networking, we believe in very simple actions GENERATING massive success.

We call it Network Value Add or NVA.

  • Show Up | Fully Engaged at Events

  • Connect | Get to Know Others & Their Ideal Client

  • Invite Guests | Exponentially Expand the Entire Network

  • Introduce | Give Meaningful Introductions

*Members commit to a minimum Network Value Add.


What Others Are Saying About Bold Networking

Alex Bolerjack

New to sales and networking, I struggled with self-doubt and communication, and I feared looking foolish.

Bold Networking and BoldOS Sales Training empowered me with self-belief, sales and networking tools, and shaped me into the best professional version of myself.

Four years later, networking is by far my most powerful catalyst for my career success.

Amy Kessler

While Bold has helped me dramatically strengthen my sales and networking skills, I have also uncovered a supremely important business hack.

The #1 most valuable thing I have to offer others -right now- is my professional network, through an introduction or invitation. And, The #2 most valuable thing is my business.

Philip Randolph

I found Bold Networking in 2020 while seeking industry connections. I unexpectedly gained valuable sales training that helped me excel in my role.

Networking expanded my professional circle and referrals proved highly beneficial.

Bertus Cilliers

I joined the Bold Networking group over a year ago.
The networking team became my trusted partners in this year and the Bold Training has changed how I approach new business with great results.

The Bold Sales training helped me formulate my messaging and approach with prospective clients with great results.
I have seen the biggest growth in my business in 2023 due to the Bold Sales training and networking

Emily Forte

Bold Networking has been a powerful force in propelling my business forward. The weekly training on topics like effective networking have significantly enhanced my business skills.

The group's emphasis on the Go Giver principles fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where members genuinely care about each other's success.

Camille Diaz

Bold Networking, the networking group I didn't know I needed...

Start Getting to Know Your Network and Adding Value.

Then Start Getting Referals & Opportunities

Then Have a Professional Sales Process to Convert.



Getting Clear About What You Want and What You'll Do to Succeed.


Doing What You Said You'd Do...No Matter What without Excuses or Reasons.


Encouraged and Present to Greatness and the Opportunity of Life.


Consistently and Reliably Delivering Results Consistent with Your Intentions.


Being unyielding, unceasing, or persistent. If you quit, you LOSE.


Acknowledging opportunities to be grateful; thereby, creating abundance.

Embolden Your Networking & Sales Success.

Learn. Connect. Execute. Take Off.

Bold Networking, LLC 2024