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Growing Your Networking Team

Noel Malan with Five Rings Financial and the Bixby Bold Networking Team Coach has a great analogy he’s shared about C.O.I. Ponds.  The C.O.I. Ponds Noel shared are nothing like traditional Japanese Koi fish ponds.  He trains that they are Center of Influence Ponds and by linking your pond with others’ ponds you are exponentially growing your pond.  

In essence, when you add someone to your network you are effectively adding their Circle of Influence and the 1,000 or so people they know.  A solid networking team of 15 or so professionals probably has upwards of 15,000 meaningful relationships (more if you count social media) that they have collective influence.


  • How many people on your team does it take to be effectively growing your team and expanding your C.O.I. ponds?




  • How consistently should you be inviting guests to visit?  Why?




  • In addition to you helping the team to grow, what other benefits will you enjoy?




  • Where will you find professionals to invite?



  1. Three to Four, surprisingly it only takes a few teammates inviting every week; 2.  Every week, consistency is a key success habit;  3.  Prospects, larger network, greater influence, looking cool in front of your friend;  4. LinkedIn, Alignable, Facebook, Referral Key, Sales people trying to sell you, Customers, Prospects, those you’re most likely to give referrals to, those you’re most likely to get referrals from, etc…


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