Advanced Training | How to Craft a Value Proposition with Alex Hultgren

STAND OUT FROM YOUR COMPETITION: How to Craft a Value Proposition That’s … Valuable

Let’s be honest – you’re pretty darn awesome. And your business can run circles around that shop down the street claiming to do the same thing.

But do your customers (and more importantly, your prospects) understand this?

Too many businesses today struggle to bring in new customers for one simple reason: they do not clearly differentiate themselves in the marketplace, our networking commercials fall flat, and we get few, if any, referrals.

In this lunch-and-learn, Customers 1st Marketing CEO, Alex Hultgren, will give you three practical things to focus on to help you create a meaningful value proposition which can help your company stand out, get more referrals, and attract new business – regardless of the type of business you are in.


Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 19 2023
  • Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


  • Alex Hultgren
    Alex Hultgren
    Fractional CMO | Partner @ Chameleon Collective | Speaker, Writer | Marketing & Business Strategy | Advertising, Digital | B2C, B2B

    Fractional CMO & Interim Leader | B2C, B2B | Advertising, Media, Technology | Aligning Marketing & Sales to Maximize Revenue

    ♦ POSITIVE, CONFIDENT, PROVEN MARKETING LEADER who drives business & people development
    ◊ Oversaw and managed agency team of 60+ for Ford’s multi-million-dollar Tier I/II digital media budgets
    ◊ Galvanized Victory Motorcycles marketing team to launch a new brand campaign and tagline, carving out distinct performance positioning for American motorcycles

    ♦ CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVER who develops and executes impactful solutions
    ◊ Designed and implemented social media architecture and governance for 23 markets in Europe, increasing social base to 1M fans and becoming the blueprint for Ford’s global approach
    ◊ Led the multi-channel (TV, radio, digital, OOH) national campaigns for Walmart’s “Free 2-Day Shipping” and “Pickup Discount” services, resulting in double-digit increases in consumer awareness, engagement & purchase intent

    ♦ HIGH-INTEGRITY RELATIONSHIP BUILDER who promotes cross-functional trust & accelerates business results
    ◊ Led 5-month onboarding process for Walmart’s new media agency, building implementable processes and relationships with clients and creative agencies
    ◊ Established cross-enterprise social team to consolidate efforts of Ford’s fan, owner, advocate and influencer programs across service, sales and public affairs
    ◊ Managed portfolio of 20 dealers and wholesaled ~$6M of vehicles monthly, winning Zone Manager of the Month 4x in a year

    ♦ IN-DEMAND PUBLIC SPEAKER & AUTHOR who loves sharing insights with audiences of all sizes
    ◊ Spoke at leading auto industry events, including JD Power (4x) and annual sales conference for 2,500 consultants
    ◊ Gave closing keynote address to 600 executives and digital thought leaders at 2-day iStrategy 2012 Conference in London

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