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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 28 2023
  • Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
La Madeleine - Tulsa


La Madeleine - Tulsa
8115 S. Olympia Ave W., Tulsa OK 74132

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OK | Tulsa – Bold Moms

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 28 2023
  • Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
La Madeleine - Tulsa


La Madeleine - Tulsa
8115 S. Olympia Ave W., Tulsa OK 74132

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Welcome to Bold Moms!

We seek to connect and elevate professional moms, grandmas, and ladies to give them a safe, fun environment to grow their businesses, without all the rules, regulations, and commitments that come with other networking groups.

We know that being a professional woman, mother, and grandmother can be overwhelming with having to balance personal, professional, and family responsibilities. In addition to providing like-minded ladies to support each other, we’ll also seek to introduce you to your ideal clients in person whenever possible, and help you rapidly expand your network and resources to preserve as much time as possible for the balance of what can sometimes be overwhelming.

There is no long-term commitment, just come months you’d like and share what you do, business cards, other promotional items, and gratitude. We keep it simple because networking and growing your business around juggling all of your other responsibilities don’t have to be a difficult grind. We hope you’ll have some fun, make some new friends, efficiently expand your network, and dramatically impact your bottom line.

Networking is definitely easier, more fun, and far more efficient with friends, so please consider inviting other ladies you feel might appreciate knowing about this event. Bold Moms allows for two representatives for each industry. For example, two realtors, two residential property casualty insurance agents, two life insurance agents, two nutritional supplements companies, etc. Seats are reserved on a first registered, first-served basis, so please consider getting your tickets right away.

Events are $25 which includes lunch, beverage without alcohol, tax, and gratuity. 100% of Net Profits from each event plus any additional contributions are donated to our favorite local charities.


Is this event restricted to moms only?

Absolutely, not. We welcome all ladies committed to uplifting and encouraging moms, grandmas and other women in their professional endeavors.

What can I bring to the event?

Please bring plenty of business cards, flyers, and any promotional materials. If you don’t have any of that stuff, no worries! Just bring your winning attitude and be loved on by other professional ladies.

Is this networking event industry-exclusive?

Yes, we do limit each industry to two ladies per industry. Meaning there will only be no more than two real estate agents, two insurance agents, two cosmetics, two nutrition, etc.

How do I secure my industry?

You secure your industry by starting a month-to-month membership. Your business cards can be placed in the member’s area. Similarly, you give up your industry seat by not attending two consecutive events.  

Is advance registration required?

Yes. In order to secure your industry, you’ll need to start a month-to-month membership and RSVP.

Can I represent multiple industries?

In today’s day and age, many ladies have a side hustle or two or three. In order to protect overlapping industries and limit confusion, we ask that you maintain the primary industry you’ve registered with and only present and discuss your primary industry. In Connect Meetings, anything goes as long as it is pitch and recruiting free.

What is a “Connect Meeting?”

“Connect Meetings” are getting to know you, pitch and recruiting free appointments with a peer to share problems solved and ideal prospects. We get together over a cup of coffee, tea, or lunch so we can begin to know, like, and trust in each other personally and professionally without pressure to pass leads or do business.

Is recruiting okay at events or “Connect Meetings?”

Bold Moms loves network marketing and direct sales and completely understands you have every reason to be excited about the income side of your business. However, we ask that you stay strictly focused during your presentations and discussions on sharing information about services and products. So, Bold Moms events are recruiting and opportunity-free. During a Connect Meeting, you are welcome to talk about your opportunity ONLY after you’ve received explicit permission to discuss that aspect of your business.

What can I expect from Bold Moms?

As a Bold Mom, you should expect us to:

  • Uplift and encourage you at all times
  • Get to know you through Connect Meetings, charitable and monthly after-hours events
  • Introduce you to your ideal prospects… “in person” whenever possible;
  • Connect with you on social media to help promote you
  • Invite guests to register for these events for you to meet and rapidly expand your network

Is anyone compensated for leading, administering, or organizing Bold Moms?

Nope. 100% of Net Profits are donated to a chosen charity quarterly.  Bold Networking bears all the administrative costs, website maintenance, and other indirect expenses for these events as our way of giving back to both our communities and our ladies who help make them thrive.

Our goal is to make a meaningful contribution to charities in our metro area. Full accounting for every penny is available upon request. After the cost of lunches, taxes, gratuities, merchant services fees, and any actual operating expenses are deducted from registrations, the rest is donated to charity along with any additional contributions and fundraisers conducted throughout the quarter. Organizers don’t get compensated or even their lunches for free, and they certainly don’t win trips.

How do we decide which charities are supported with the proceeds and additional donations?

Each quarter we will choose a charity to support from nominated charities. Members, especially the nominators, are welcome to attend the delivery of funds.

Can I bring my kids? Is there childcare available?

As much as we love kids, this event is specifically for you to have a little time to work on your business and grow adult relationships. 

What’s the refund policy?

Membership dues collected are non-refundable. If the event is canceled for inclement weather or reasons beyond our control, refunds will not be issued. Instead, 100% of net profits will be donated to our chosen charity.

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