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Most people I talk to believe goals are an effective tool for getting success; however, most of those same people don’t have any.

4 Traits of Highly Successful Sales Professionals
1. Goals
2. Drive
3. Communication
4. Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)

Next 90 Days in 90 Seconds – Goal Setting Exercise
If you had unlimited time, energy, money, and skills what would you do, become, and have over the Next 90 Days? Take 90 seconds to write them down.







Quick Goals to Powerful, Driving Goals
B-Believe you can achieve
E-Emotionally Compelling – “Why”
A-Attainable – reasonably over given time frame
R-Relative to other goals – family vs business
T-Time Bound – deadline or due date (90 days)

Homework: Rewrite your goals from 90-second exercise in B.E.S.M.A.R.T. format. Recommend having 3 Professional Goals, 2 Personal Goals, and 1 Relationship Goal for the next 90 days. Please bring your homework with you to next week’s meeting.


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