Habits and Routines

Habits and Routines

Thankfully, Noel M. had suggested a book to me called the 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  I am listening to the Audible version and loving it!  On the way back from my recent cruise I turned it on and haven’t been able to turn it off.  With a set of recharged batteries from my vacation, I was able to immediately apply some of the principles in the book to help jump start my morning routine.

  • This morning with a little extra effort I didn’t let the snooze button win.  I forced myself out of bed by setting the alarm clock across the room and not giving into the temptation of climbing back into bed by using the 5-second countdown technique.  (5-4-3-2-1-GO!).
  • From there, I pushed through not really wanting to work out, but doing it anyway by doing the countdown technique again.  It wasn’t much of a workout, but I did it and am building a new habit.
  • I didn’t open my email until 9 am after carefully considering a few thing I wanted to accomplish for me today before having other peoples’ problems added to my to do list. On that list was this post and training topic and a conversation with our new Florida Bold Networking Coach, David.  Both of which are tied to my goals of growing Bold Networking for my reasons why.

What we do over and over without thinking about it comprises our habits.  Habits help us in countless ways to act, process information, and respond without using much brain power, which is helpful because our brains are wired to conserve its own energy.  However, less helpful habits and perhaps destructive habits can be holding us back in our ruts or worse yet leading us into unintentional failure.

Our collection of habits come together to form routines.  In order for us to change the results, we must first change the habits, which in turn help us to create more helpful routines.  Successful, powerful routines lead to success over time. 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  – Will Durant interpretation of Aristotle

In the training topic this week, I hope you’ll consider your own morning routine.  Mine includes:

  1. Getting out of bed without snoozing,
  2. Making my Bullet Coffee,
  3. Exercising (kettle bell or brisk walk),
  4. Focus on gratitude and identifying my 2 most important goals
  5. Taking my vitamins
  6. Investing the first 30 minutes working on my goals, and
  7. NOT opening emails or texts before any of the above.

Here is the training topic for you to consider before the meeting, download, print, and start working on. I hope you’ll invest a few minutes to prepare for the topic to enrich the conversation during the training topic at your weekly meeting.




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