Landing Your Prospecting Message…Nailed It!

Prospecting Message

10, 30, and 60-second Commercials

The Bold Networking Prospecting Message is quite possibly one of the Top three most critical elements of the entire sales process and capstone for both marketing and prospecting.  Mastery of your 30-second commercial (aka 60-Second Presentation) is absolutely critical to your sales (and marketing) success!

Prospecting and the use of your 30-second commercial is a lot like the carnival rubber duck game.  “A winner every time” is the carnie’s mantra.  All a child would need to do is pick up the duck, look at the bottom, and winners had a mark on the bottom.  Prospecting is much the same…all that is needed is to deliver your 30-second commercial and figure out which ones are prize winners or not.  If they have a mark on the bottom, they are prospects, if not, they aren’t.

Perhaps calculating the value of each and every prospecting conversation might help, both No’s and Yeses.  Total Income / Total Prospects = $ per Prospect.  For example, if your average commission is $500 and your prospecting conversations yielded 8 not interested and 2 yeses, you would have earned $1,000.  $1,000 / 10 conversations = $100 per conversation, including the “No’s!”  I know that I can stomach a lot more “No’s” when I understand that they are worth $100 each.

We don’t sell with our prospecting message.  We sort to learn who are and who are not our possible prospects.  If they aren’t a possible fit, we stay friends, move on, and talk about anything non-business-related.  If they are a possible fit, we ask them what they’d like to talk about and start a conversation.  So, the purpose is to “Sort” and start a “Conversation”; nothing more, nothing less.

At the end of the day, people choose to have a conversation with you about what you do simply because you solve a problem to one of their personal emotional needs or help them fulfill a desire for greater pleasure.  People buy for their reasons and their reasons alone…at Bold Networking, we call these personal emotional needs or P.E.N.s.  People do not buy because you think you’re the best, cheapest, #1, or any other reason.  The purpose of your commercial is to figure out if they, in fact, have any P.E.N.s you can help solve or not.

In the printable link, there is a template to start crafting or refining your Bold Prospecting Message.  Please take a few minutes and work on yours.

Top 10 Signs of a Failed Prospecting Message…

  1. Poor connection
  2. Ineffective Prospecting — Weak Numbers
  3. Unqualified Prospects – Not Sorting
  4. Wasting Time, Money, & Energy
  5. Sounds “Salesy”
  6. Feels weird
  7. Looks unprofessional
  8. Limited referrals
  9. Confused prospect
  10. Lost credibility

Prospecting Message

Your prospecting message, 10, 30, and 60-second commercials and can be used every time you need to explain what you do, meet someone new, create a marketing piece, and even send a prospecting email. 

  • Your 10-second version only hits the high points of the possible Personal Emotional Needs. 
  • 30-seconds will be a more thorough explanation of 3-4 Personal Emotional Needs they might have, and a
  • 60-second version may include a story, testimonial, example, or ideal introduction.

Purpose:  Sort suspects from prospects and Start a Conversation with prospects


  • Sounding like a salesperson – no slogans, claims, acronyms, abbreviations, technical jargon, and awards. 
  • Words like “Best”, “Cheapest”, and “Number of Years Experience”.   Do they really care how long you’ve been in business or collective experience or do they care about their personal emotional needs and your ability to help solve them.
  • One of my least favorites is claiming the obvious, such as, “We have great customer service” and “We really care about our clients.”  (Have you ever heard the opposite?  Like we hate our customers and could care less about customer service…of course not, these are prerequisites.)

What are the components of an effective prospecting message?

    • Intro (First Name)
    • Personal Emotional Needs Statement (Concerned, Frustrated, Worried, Losing Sleep, Getting Ripped Off, Sick and Tired)
    • Neutral Question.  (I’m not sure if those are issues for you or NOT?)
  • 60-second version might include a Testimonial, Story or Ideal Referral

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