Leadership Roles

Leaders make Bold Networking events happen, help others grow their businesses, amplify and protect our winning culture.

Training Topic Worksheet

Leadership Roles

In return for adding value, leaders typically get more exposure, help more people, receive more introductions, and engender greater trust.  They receive feature listing on your team’s online directory and an invitation to leadership only training, events, and committees. If you’d like to contribute or learn more about any open leadership positions, please ask your Coach.

If you’re open to considering a leadership role and the roughly 10-15 minutes of weekly extra effort required, I believe you’ll be surprised by the return on the investment of your time and energy.  Going back to the Go-Giver and the Law of Value, being a leader is one of the key ways to grow maximum influence in your networking team and in your network.  You become the “Go to” person in your network with others constantly reaching out to you as the center of the influence universe to ask you if you know someone that can help them.

Surprisingly, the extra time and effort are minimal compared to the great return you’ll receive for being a leader and adding value.  To get the most out of your networking experience you’ll likely be engaging in almost all the behaviors and mindsets of a leader anyway without the title and without the added return.   For example, you’ll be showing up early, hanging out a bit after, and will be highly engaged during your event.  You’ll likely be connecting with others and inviting guests regularly anyway!  

Here is a brief rundown of the leadership roles available and an overview of the responsibilities for each role:

Team Coaches  start networking teams, arrange event locations, and typically read the weekly agenda.  Coaches are affiliates of Bold Networking and orchestrate all local Bold Networking meetings.  Coaches make all local decisions about memberships, address any conflicts and industry overlaps, develop leadership team, and encourage members and visitors to actively participate in events, connect meetings, inviting guests, and sharing introductions.  Coaches usually attend a monthly Coaches meeting and Cash Mob event for their region.

Sales Coach – leads the weekly training topic and are the coach’s back-up. Leads the weekly sales and leadership training topic through questions (Socratic Method) and relies heavily on your participation to make the training topic effective and inspiring.  Typically the sales coach will print training topic worksheets for their team. And, will participate in the weekly Bold Networking Sales Training to become more proficient with our unique sales and leadership concepts.

Social Directors – connects with teammates and visitors and posts on social media.  Social Directors help promote and coordinate monthly after-hours and volunteer events.  Bi-weekly, they share pictures, videos, and testimonials and may even Go Live on Facebook with emphasis on the current week’s 6-minute presenter.  Midweek they will post again to remind the team to focus on the previous 6-minute presenter and encourage the team and others to connect with and promote the upcoming 6-minute presenter.  The team is encouraged to like each other’s Facebook business page, friend each other, connect on LinkedIn, and fully engage on Social Media.

Presentation Coach – The Presentation Coach schedules 6-minute and back-up presenters and shares schedule with the Social Director.  Presenters are typically official members of your team. They help teammates, upon request, with their presentations and gratitudes and keeps the meeting going by running a timer.  They effectively remind us to wrap up our 60-second commercial, 30-seconds of gratitude (FYI in 30-seconds we share gratitude NOT another commercial), and 6-minute presentations to be respectful of everyone’s time.

As Presentation Coaches, they will offer to help with presentations, give feedback, and encourage the use of the Bold Networking Presentation template.  They share our online training resources including Vocal Authority’s Hacking Your Elevator Pitch and training topics. When necessary, they may need to have a 1:1 conversations with a teammate abusing or not effectively utilizing 60-second commercials or 30-second gratitudes.

Visitor’s Coach(es) – Typically the first to arrive and help new visitors get checked in and start their trial.  Getting visitors signed in prior to the meeting, when possible, or immediately after is critical to them getting plugged into all the wonderful Bold Networking information and promotions.

The Visitor’s Coach(es) reaches out to visitors to make sure their questions are answered and that they feel incredibly welcomed into our team and are invited to return.  They will typically call visitors, have Connect Meetings, and help visitors be more comfortable.

Teammate & Leadership Expectations

While these expectations are consistent with what is recommended for every professional networker, Leaders are expected to be role models and encourage others to engage in the mindsets and activities to improve networking success.

Leaders are expected to:

  • Embrace the Go-Giver mindset and the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success
  • Attend most meetings (at least 3 out of 4; 99 out of 100 is better)
  • Promote and attend monthly Cash Mob events, if at all possible
  • Invite guests every week focusing on key industry openings
  • Embrace Connect Meetings with at least 100 Connect Meetings ASAP
    • At least 2 weekly to accomplish 100 within a year; however, six months is the ideal target completion date or roughly four a week.
  • Actively seek introductions for your teammates and introduce in them in person whenever possible
  • Like, Share, and connect on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Alignable, and RSVP on Facebook Event and Eventbrite)
  • Prepare for and participate in the weekly training topic discussion
  • Clear communication with your leadership team and find a replacement leader should you not be able to fulfill your responsibilities for any given week

Training Topic Worksheet

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