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Let’s Pretend Conversations

Last week we learned more about setting Mutually Agreed Agendas and Outcomes (M.A.A.O.s).  They’re important to help maintain bonding and rapport, keep your prospect comfortable (“Okay to Say No”), provide a structure for the entire sales process, and compress the sales cycle by reducing think it overs.

One of the most important M.A.A.O.s is the Let’s Pretend M.A.A.O. which is used immediately before doing anything additional for a prospect like providing brochures, pricing, demonstration, and definitely a presentation.

What have you done in the past when you were “Hoping” to get the business without a commitment to move forward?


Have you presented, giving your prices, and then felt like you were chasing the business, begging, having to discount to close, or, worse yet, they go into witness protection?


Template for “Let’s Pretend M.A.A.O.”

Customer asks for something…brochure, demonstration, pricing, free trial, etc.


  • Let’s Pretend I do XYZ….
  • And, you hate it, price is too high, doesn’t solve your problem, then what?
  • Prospect…I wouldn’t buy, signup, or invest
  • You, “Great, I’m certainly okay with a “NO” which won’t hurt my feelings.
  • And, what if you love it, it fits your budget, solves your problems, etc.  Then what?
  • Don’t accept wishy washy…”We’ll probably buy.”
  • Probably means?



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