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A__________________ (Theirs then Ours)

O__________________ (No, Yes, Not Think About It)

Giving people the ability to say, “No” more than ________________ the number of “Yeses” you’ll get. (42 University Studies of over 22K)

Here are a few benefits you might realize from having crystal freaking clear (CFC) Mutually Agreed Agendas and Outcomes?



  • Maintains Bonding and Rapport – Lets the other person know what’s coming.
  • Keeps Prospect Comfortable – Okay to say, “No” equals NO PRESSURE.
  • Provides structure for meetings-sales process, connect, leadership, etc. which leads to more effective meetings and faster sales cycles.
  • Reduces Think It Overs by getting “No” or “Yes” much sooner – Saves Time.


Can you think of a few additional benefits of having clear Mutually Agreed Agendas?


  1. Mutually 2. Agreed  3. Agenda  4. Outcomes 5. Doubles


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