I often get asked if Network Marketers, Direct Sales, or Multi-Level marketers are welcome at Bold Networking. And, I always give an emphatic, “Yes!”

Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing

Though there are some additional guidelines and best practices:

You are only representing a single industry in all teams. For example, if you’re an insurance professional by day and a network marketer in health and wellness at night, you will only represent the single industry you are expecting to make the majority of your future income. Which means, during your 60-second presentation, 6-minute presentations, and all outward appearances, you only represent the main thing!

During Connect Meetings, in a one on one setting, it is okay to ask for permission to discuss an opportunity. Then, only with explicit permission, it is okay to discuss the income opportunity. While I realize that you may be incredibly excited and having a ton of success in network marketing, not everyone is as excited as you. Please respect their decision to discuss your opportunity or not. It is likely they will still become raving fans of your product or service and will likely be one of your best referral partners.