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Connect Meetings

December 23, 20232 min read

The Power of Connect Meetings: Building Bridges and Boosting Referrals (Pitch & Recruiting Free)

Connect Meeting Mastery

Forget boring business cards and awkward small talk: Connect meetings are your secret weapon for forging genuine connections and unlocking referral magic within your network. This isn't a sales pitch, it's a chance to dive deeper, understand motivations, and discover ideal clients.

Connect Meeting Mastery to Supercharge Your Network

Maximize Your Connection:

  • Ditch the Pitch: Focus on learning, not selling. Building trust leads to more natural introductions, not forced ones.

  • Two-Way Street: This is a conversation, not a monologue. Ask insightful questions and actively listen.

  • Time Counts: Value your own and your partner's time. Schedule, stick to it, and avoid last-minute changes.

  • Focus, Friend: Leave emotionally charged topics out. Politics, religion, and gossip can derail even the best connection.

  • Curiosity is Key: Approach your partner with genuine interest. Research their background, ask open-ended questions, and celebrate their uniqueness.

  • No Recruiting: If you have an income opportunity or position open in your company, share ONLY with explicit permission.

Level Up Your Listening:

  • Become a Master: Active listening is the backbone of strong relationships. Give your full attention, ask clarifying questions, and remember details.

  • Silence is Golden: Put away distractions and resist the urge to multitask. Show your partner you're fully present.

  • Take Notes, Build Trust: With permission, jot down key points to demonstrate attentiveness and ensure follow-up accuracy.

Create a Safe Space:

  • Nurture Connection: Like a caring parent, make your partner feel comfortable and understood. Avoid judgment and use words that inspire openness.

  • Mutual Agreement is Magic: Clarify expectations beforehand: meeting time, agendas, and outcomes. This keeps everyone on the same page.

  • Grace, Always Grace: Remember, most people aren't Bold experts. If they slip into selling or recruiting, gently remind them of the meeting's purpose.

Keep the Momentum Going:

  • Referrals, Rocket Fuel: Connect your partner with ideal clients within 24-48 hours. Be their bridge to new opportunities.

  • Social Media Synergy: Connect on LinkedIn and Facebook. Like their pages, promote their work, and share testimonials.

  • Go the Extra Mile: Consider a Facebook Live video promoting their business, or send a handwritten thank-you note.

Fuel Your Connect Meetings with Killer Questions:

  • Career Crossroads: "What drew you to your field? What are your long-term aspirations?"

  • Unmasking Passions: "What fuels your fire outside of work? Hobbies, travel, anything goes!"

  • Ideal Client Blueprint: "Describe your dream client. What specific challenges do you solve for them?"

  • Connecting the Dots: "How can I best identify someone who would benefit from your expertise?"

Remember, Connect meetings are about building bridges, not burning them. By practicing these tips and asking insightful questions, you'll transform your network into a powerful engine for referrals and lasting relationships.

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