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Inviting Guests

December 23, 20232 min read

Boost Your Network by Inviting Guests: A guide to expanding your reach and impact.

8 Reasons

Why It Matters: Inviting professionals to Bold Networking events isn't just about promoting the organization (though that's awesome too!). It's about supercharging your own network and creating win-win situations for everyone:

  • Effortless Prospecting: Meet potential clients in a relaxed setting surrounded by trusted colleagues.

  • Influence Expansion: Become a "Center of Influence" by connecting valuable professionals.

  • Team Growth: Broaden your team's connections and multiply their influence.

  • Problem-Solving Power: Tackle bigger challenges with the combined strength of your network.

  • Referral Riches: Open doors to more referrals and opportunities.

  • Networking Stardom: Be the friend with a vibrant network of amazing people.

Building Your Guest List: Now you're on board! Who should you invite?

  • Target Your Referrals: Focus on professions who frequently receive referrals from yours (e.g., realtor inviting a handyman).

  • Reciprocity Partners: Invite those who might refer clients your way (e.g., realtor inviting a credit repair company).

  • Networking Regulars: Connect with professionals who actively attend networking events (e.g., financial advisors, marketing agencies).

Finding Your Gems: Where do these networking powerhouses hang out?

  • Networking Events: Seek them out at chambers of commerce, coffee meetups, and online platforms like and Eventbrite.

  • LinkedIn Goldmine: Leverage LinkedIn's search tools to find ideal connections.

  • Cold Calling Courage: Don't be afraid to reach out directly with a tailored invitation.

  • Network Referrals: Ask your existing network for warm introductions.

  • Facebook Recommendations: Utilize your Facebook community to discover hidden gems.

Making the Magic Happen: How do you actually invite them?

  • Be Direct and Clear: Explain the event and its benefits without sounding salesy. For example, "We're seeking potential collaborators in the [profession] field. Would you know anyone interested in networking with professionals like myself?"

  • Calendar it: Once they accept, send a calendar invite and follow up to ensure their attendance. Persistence pays off!

Remember: Even small, consistent efforts can lead to explosive network growth. With just a few guest invites each week, you and your team can unlock incredible opportunities and impact countless lives.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Invite 2-3 guests every week, or 1 guest consistently with occasional "wild and crazy" weeks of 2 invites.

  • Focus on professions relevant to your referrals and potential referrals.

  • Leverage various channels like networking events, LinkedIn, and referrals to find ideal guests.

  • Be clear and direct in your invitations, and follow up effectively.

Let's build amazing networks together!

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