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Showing Up!

December 23, 20233 min read

Showing Up: The Secret Sauce to Network Growth

Showing Up!

Ever wonder why some people seem to effortlessly build thriving networks? The answer? They show up. Consistently. At Bold Networking events, that is. In this guide, we'll explore why attendance isn't just a box to tick, but the fuel that propels your network success.


The Power of Being Present:

  • Know and Grow: By attending regularly, you become a familiar face. Teammates learn your expertise and ideal clients, making referrals seamless.

  • Like Magnet: Shared experiences solidify bonds. The more your team sees you, the more they like and trust you, strengthening connections.

  • Trust Built Brick by Brick: Consistent presence speaks volumes. Your commitment earns teammates' trust, knowing you'll always have their back. Being consistently on time is a demonstration of how you'll show up for referrals.

  • Dependability Defined: Showing up week after week proves your reliability. Clients and teammates alike are drawn to those they can count on.

  • Team Power Multiplier: More engaged faces mean a bigger, more vibrant network. This attracts visitors and boosts everyone's referral potential.

Beyond Just Being There:

  • Prioritize Presence: Treat attendance like a VIP pass. Aim for 9 out of 10 meetings, making occasional absences only for major emergencies...not client appointments, showings, closings, etc.

  • Early Bird Bonus: Arrive early, stay late. This deepens relationships and allows you to welcome visitors, making a great first impression.

  • Schedule it Sacred: Block off meeting time in your calendar. Treat it as non-negotiable, just like your most important class or meeting of the week.

  • Punctuality Matters: Being late sends the wrong message. Show respect for your time and your teammates' by arriving on time. Your peers will suspect that how you show up here is how you show up everywhere.

  • Be Prepared, Be Engaged: Study the weekly training topic. This adds value to the entire session and fuels your personal growth.

  • Presenter Spotlight: Research the weekly presenter beforehand. Formulate questions to engage them and learn more about their business.

  • Listen Up, Speak Out: Active participation is key. Listen attentively, participate in discussions, and ask thoughtful questions.

  • Minimize Distractions: Put your phone away. Show everyone you're fully present by silencing notifications and focusing on the meeting. Texting under the table, checking emails, and even getting up to take a call sends the message to your peers that you're a taker.

  • Strategic and Intentional: Approach each meeting with purpose. Aim to find one new visitor, spark an introduction for a teammate, and schedule a connect meeting.

  • Guest Magnet: Be the invitation champion! Extend a hand to professionals who could benefit from your network. It's a low-pressure way to prospect and expand your team's reach.

Action Time: Don't let this just be another read-and-forget article. Take action!

  1. Block off upcoming events and plenty of commute time to make sure you're early and don't have to rush out right after.

  2. Invite at least one guest to this week's meeting.

  3. Bonus points for aiming for 3-5 invites for the next month.

Witness the exponential growth of your network as you become a master of showing up and adding value.

Remember, consistency is the key. Be the face your network can rely on, and watch your professional world blossom.

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