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Personal Emotional Needs (PENs)

People Buy Emotionally

Why People Actually Buy.

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People make the initial decision to buy or not emotionally from their Child Ego State, nearly 100% of the time.  Then their Adult and Parent Ego states fight out the details.   You can take a much deeper dive into Transactional Analysis at

If you’ll pretend I’m even a little accurate, then it’s our job as sales and business development professionals to understand, relate, and connect with our prospects on an emotional level and the two strongest emotions are:

  1.  The idea or concept of Pain, and
  2. The promise of Pleasure.

Absent the idea, concept, or actual emotional pain and absent a strong desire for pleasure, then your prospect doesn’t qualify for a presentation.

Disqualification Mindset

Prospects are disqualified to receive anything until they prove otherwise.

In order to qualify to receive much of anything they must have:

1.Personal Emotional Needs (P.E.N.s)

  • People buy for their needs (aka Not the salespersons Features & Benefits)
  • Everyone buys or not EMOTIONALLY – Free Child ego state
2.Adequate Resource (T.E.a.M)

  • Time
  • Energy, and
  • Money
3.Acceptable Selection Process

  • Willing and Able to make a decision
  • Who, Who else, and When (W.W.W.)

Three to Five Layers Deep

When we think pains and pleasures, it is very difficult to get out our own way and begin to think and feel like our prospects.  In order to get to the emotional stuff, we are likely to have to ask several questions to get there.  Typically, the “real” stuff doesn’t happen until we’ve asked good questions.

What are a few Personal Emotional Needs your prospects are likely to experience if they don’t have you?

And, thanks important because?

And, who cares?

And, why?

And, what if they don’t?

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