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Most sales training is full of manipulation tactics, tricks, and while it may generate business it rarely leads to referrals.

What is BoldOS?

Sales, leadership, and customer services all require influence through communication. As an 8-week course, Bold OS | Operating System for Sales Success is designed to help students learn the skills, psychology, and practical applications to encourage influence through communication to increase sales, improve leadership, grow customer service and effectively learn solid communication principles to leverage both in the workplace and during their daily life to gain influence and effectively voice their position as a leader.

If you have ever struggled in sales, marketing, leadership, or getting referrals, Bold OS is a proven way to strengthen your skills. Recently, Bold OS helped a client to increase their monthly premium production by 300% in the first six months of implementing an updated, non-pressure sales engine. The best part is that this 8-week training course works for anyone, especially introverts and everyone else who hates high-pressure tactics – no matter what skills they currently have or what industry they might be in!

Tuesdays @ 3:30pm CST
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We've trained thousands of sales and networking professionals. I'm most grateful for those who take the knowledge and apply it, are willing to fail, and seek to learn and grow.

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“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people's interests first.."