Success or Failure…You Choose (Traits of Success)

Four Traits of Success Self-Assessment

With most things in life and in business, there are only about half-dozen things that make up about 80% of the outcomes.  For example, there are probably only about half-dozen things that make up around 80% of excellent health (nutrition, exercising, hydrating, sleeping, and avoiding unhealthy foods and beverages) and a couple of thousand things that you could actually do for better health.  And, if you master the half-dozen you’ll have better health and vitality than almost everyone else on the planet.

There are only about a half-dozen traits which determine your level of success.  Master the traits and so master your success at whichever level you choose.

The same goes for success.  There are only a half-dozen traits that make for massive success while there are millions of things you could do to be slightly more successful.  I’ve found over the years that this self-assessment from Integrity Selling by Ron Willingham tackles four of the most important traits.  And, if you master each of the traits line by line, you get to choose the level of success you will achieve.

Another tip before jumping in is that these 4 Traits and assessing yourself regularly forms a tracking mechanism for your success.  I recommend taking this assessment every 90-days with your quarterly goal setting exercise to take your “Success Temperature” and work to improve it over the next 90 days.  The 20 subtasks for each category, in essence, become leading indicators for success and give you specific items to work on to get your score and success as high as possible.

Take the Self-Assessment and calculate your average score at the bottom.  There are no right or wrong answers and this is just a starting point for mastering your success in hopes of identifying what might be holding you back and keeping your stuck.  Every quarter / 90-days you can retake to track your improvement in each category.

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