Questions Are the Answer!

Questions are the Answer

People hate being sold, yet love to buy. Downloadable Training Topic From the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, we learned, if we were lucky, his 5th Habit:  Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.  Why is it then that many “Old School” salespeople and the image of a salesperson is […]

Personal Emotional Needs (PENs)

Why People Actually Buy. Downloadable Training Topic People make the initial decision to buy or not emotionally from their Child Ego State, nearly 100% of the time.  Then their Adult and Parent Ego states fight out the details.   You can take a much deeper dive into Transactional Analysis at If you’ll pretend I’m even […]

Landing Your Prospecting Message…Nailed It!

Prospecting Message | Duck Pond

Prospecting Message 10, 30, and 60-second Commercials The Bold Networking Prospecting Message is quite possibly one of the Top three most critical elements of the entire sales process and capstone for both marketing and prospecting.  Mastery of your 30-second commercial (aka 60-Second Presentation) is absolutely critical to your sales (and marketing) success! Prospecting and the […]

Leadership Roles

Leaders make Bold Networking events happen, help others grow their businesses, amplify and protect our winning culture.

Instantly Creating Rapport

Instantly Creating or Destroying Rapport Several studies and common sense both suggest that body language is far more powerful and effective in communication than the words we say.  Body Language is guilty of conveying upwards of 93% of the information in face-to-face communication and is far more effective at communicating emotion than are words. What […]

Success or Failure…You Choose (Traits of Success)

Four Traits of Success Self-Assessment With most things in life and in business, there are only about half-dozen things that make up about 80% of the outcomes.  For example, there are probably only about half-dozen things that make up around 80% of excellent health (nutrition, exercising, hydrating, sleeping, and avoiding unhealthy foods and beverages) and […]

Leveraging Social Media

Leveraging Social Media – Effortless Prospecting And, leveraging Bold Networking Events to Prospect for Your Business without Sounding Like a Salesperson. When it comes to social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, most sales professionals aren’t sure how to best leverage their efforts.  In fact, many avoid social media altogether and view it as a […]

Marketing 101

Marketing 101 Printable & Downloadable Training Topic with Template We’ve been talking about initial conversations with a prospect…aka Prospecting.  We developed a 30-second commercial, phone prospecting outline, and a walk-in cold call process. Marketing flips the script and, among other things, is designed to generate inbound conversations. What is marketing?  Any exposure of your brand, […]

Cold Calling and Prospecting Doesn't Have to Suck

Prospecting Calls Printable & Downloadable Training Topic with Template Many people can’t stand making prospecting calls.  For some crazy reason, we can use the telephone with complete ease 99% of the time; however, that 1% when we need it to prospect it can seem almost impossible to operate and weigh thousands of pounds. Prospecting calls […]