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Let's face it...we wear a lot of hats, have a ton of responsiblitiy and may not be able to network every single week. On the otherhand, even if we do, most of us want to help local charities.

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AZ | Gilbert – Bold MomsRepeating Event

Local Time:
Apr 20 2023 |
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Heritage Financial Strategies
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Featured Charities

Each quarter, our Bold Moms will choose a local charity to support.  100% of net proceeds after lunch are donated at the end of the quarter.

Community on Purpose

Community on Purpose is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women and families in our community through volunteerism, fundraising, and direct giving along with our podcast where we give space to women who are intentionally creating community through business, giving and living. Since its inception in 2022, we’ve been honored to provide critical funds to those in our community who need it most, raise awareness for organizations doing incredible work in our own community, and provide a platform for others seeking community through educational and social events, a private facebook group, and networking opportunities.

Regional, National, & International Events

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Leadership Team & Directory

Hannah Johnson
Hannah Johnson, Director
Janae Rowe
Janae Rowe, Social Director
Emily Evans
Emily Evans, Visitors Team
First Name Industry Company Name NVA - 90 Days NVA - All Time
Emily Evans Insurance – Employee Benefits

Emily Evans Consulting LLC

0 1
Eve Shepherd Direct Sales

LilySkies Market

0 0
Isa Valdez Coach – Life & Business

SGN Coaching

0 0
Jamie Virtue Health & Wellness – Fitness

Jamie Virtue Nutrition & Fitness

1 1
Janae Rowe Marketing – Other

Desert Branding Co

0 1
Janet Tubbs Insurance – Life & Health

Janet Tubbs

0 0
Jenn Myers 0 1
Josee Gagnon OTHER

Notary Public focusing on loan signing agent

0 1
Karson Ross Insurance – P&C Residential

Karson Ross Insurance

0 0
Mindy Jones Real Estate – Residential Agent

Amy Jones Group | Keller Williams Integrity First

0 1
Riza Sunbury 0 0
Sydney Bickmeyer Health & Wellness – Chiropractor

Powerhouse Chiropractic

0 0
Tammy Coppola Real Estate – Residential Agent 0 1
  • NVA is Network Value Add and includes the 4 key activities or metrics of successful networking:  Showing up, Connect Meetings, Inviting Guests, and Making Introductions.  Network Value Add descriptions below including ideas to help you crush them.
  • NVA – 90 is members most recent 90-days or rolling total of all NVA activities reported.
  • NVA – All Time is a members total of all NVA activities reported.
  • Reporting is voluntary; however, we believe what you focus on, you can improve.

What we focus on tends to grow and improve.

Network Value Add

Your success in professional networking requires these four key activities.
Without any of the four, you might as well just buy more advertising.

Connect Meetings - Network Value Added
Making Introductions - Network Value Add
Inviting Guests - Network Value Add
Show Up - Network Value Add

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