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Showing up isn't enough, but it's a great start. There are 4 Key Activities that enhance your networking success: Showing Up, Making Introductions, Connect Meetings, and Inviting Guests.

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Weekly Training Topic | Team Trainer

At each of our weekly networking events, we discuss as a team the weekly training topic. I hope you’ll consider checking this out in advance of coming to weekly events, so we can have a more meaningful and relevant discussion.

upcoming Events | social director

Chimi's Mexican Food

OK | Tulsa – Bold MomsRepeating Event

Local Date: Oct 25 2022 |
Local Time: 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

1304 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74120

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BoldOS | 12-week Sales Training course

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Leadership Team & Team Directory

We’re super grateful for our team leaders, since they make sure events are powerful, efficient, fun, and safe for everyone.  

Team leaders typically gain more influence, as a result of adding value, more referrals, and professional sales training.

Mike Warren
Mike Warren, Coach
Amy Main
Amy Main, Team Trainer
Kim LaForest
Kim LaForest, Social Director
Virgil Jones
Virgil Jones, Visitors Team
Coach Coming Soon Image
TBD - Presentation Coach
First Name Industry Company Name NVA - 90 Days NVA - All Time
Thomas Yeldell Contractor – Electrician

Yeldell Electric

2 1
John Muselmann Contractor – Electrician

Yeldell Electric

0 0
Kate Cain Real Estate – Transaction Coordinator

True North Transaction Management

0 0
Amy Campbell Marketing – Website, SEO or Application Development

The Red Checker

0 0
Darrell Freudenrich Insurance – P&C Commercial

Sawyer-Phillips Insurance

0 0
Shawna Chambers Contractor – Roofer

Restoration Builders

9 7
Chad Brumley Cell Phone Repair

Phone Doctors

0 0
Dylan Nall OTHER

Monster Tree Service

0 0
Virgil Jones Health & Wellness – Other

Melaleuca: The Wellness Company

7 3
Micah Lucie Health & Wellness – Other

Luminate Clinic

0 0
Jamie Forbis Real Estate – Residential Agent


2 2
Kim LaForest Health & Wellness – Chiropractor

Graddy Chiropractic

15 10
Mike Warren Insurance – Life (Life Only)

Five Rings Financial

19 9
Scott Metzger Nonprofit – Environment & Animals

Electronic Synergy Foundation

0 0
Amy Main Real Estate – Residential Agent

Coldwell Banker Select

0 0
  • NVA is Network Value Add and includes the 4 key activities or metrics of successful networking:  Showing up, Connect Meetings, Inviting Guests, and Making Introductions.  Network Value Add descriptions below including ideas to help you crush them.
  • NVA – 90 is members most recent 90-days or rolling total of all NVA activities reported.
  • NVA – All Time is a members total of all NVA activities reported.
  • Reporting is voluntary; however, we believe what you focus on, you can improve.

What we focus on tends to grow and improve.

Network Value Add

Your success in professional networking requires these four key activities.
Without any of the four, you might as well just buy more advertising.

Connect Meetings - Network Value Added
Making Introductions - Network Value Add
Inviting Guests - Network Value Add
Show Up - Network Value Add

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