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What’s Changed Conversations

In an ideal world, here’s an example of a What’s Changed conversation to give you a little context of what it might look, sound, and feel like, and then we’ll break it down into its components. However, please know that it NEVER goes like this and scripts typically don’t work anyway.

[Following a great Discovery conversation and a thorough Let’s Pretend Conversation] You and your prospect are reconvening to pick up where you left off. You’ve done your best to prepare a perfect presentation and now it’s almost time to share it with your prospect.

However, I recommend assuming that your prospect has likely done some additional research, talked to existing vendors, considered alternatives, met with team members, and competitors. They realize they are likely getting ready to make a substantial decision, they’ve given you all the information they could throughout discovery, and at a minimum have been online scouring the internet for ideas, alternatives, pricing, contradictory information, etc. Fair?

If anything has changed since the discovery, would you like to know? Before or After you share your recommendations? Personally, I want to know what I’m walking into and may even choose to not present at all.

You say, “It’s very common that something changed since last we met perhaps:

  • You spoke with your other vendor, supplier, competitor or went online and did some research
  • The problems we talked about have already been resolved
  • The budget and priorities may have been adjusted
  • Maybe other decision-makers or advisors entered the picture

What’s changed for you?

Let’s break it down.

  • Pre-requisites: You’ve had thorough Discovery conversation with your prospect and an airtight, crystal freaking clear (CFC) Let’s Pretend Conversation. Your prospect has
    • compelling Personal Emotional Needs (PENs),
    • adequate Resources of time, energy, and money, and
    • an acceptable Selection Process.
  • Presenting conditions agreed to during your “Let’s Pretend Conversation” are being upheld
  • All decision makers present
  • Ability to move forward or kill it with fire at the end of the presentation
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